Weishaupt family

The St. Cyriak Catholic Church in Malsch Germany

Photo from the book "Malscher Antlitz" by permission of Malsch friend Wilhelm Wildemann

These pages explore the history of the Weishaupt family, originally from Malsch
This history initiated in 1991 by June (Smith) Weishaupt

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The families; Weishaupt/Schlienz and Smith/Long(Opitz)

BulletDescendants of Cyriak BECHLER - from Malsch born about 1710
BulletDescendants of August Friedrich BELZ - from Brandenburg, Germany born 1763
BulletDescendants of John BROCKSOPP - from Pilsley England born about 1775 settled in Western NY
BulletDescendants of Claus GAISER - from Germany born abt 1480
BulletDescendants of William HANSON - from Ireland born about 1790 settled in Western NY
BulletDescendants of Johann Jakob HENGEL - from Vaihingen born about 1740
BulletDescendants of Jakob Michael IHLI - from Muggenstrum, Germany born about 1685
BulletDescendants of Hans Georg LAIBLE - from Germany born about 1710
BulletDescendants of John NEUBECK - from Bavaria, Germany born 1832
BulletDescendants of Theresa OPITZ - from Silesia Germany born 1820
BulletDescendants of Daniel RENZ - from Germany born about 1700
BulletDescendants of Matthias SCHLIENZ - from Zuffenhausen born about 1630
BulletDescendants of Heinrich SCHMITT - from Hessen born in 1812
BulletDescendants of Thomas SPOONLEY - from Wales, United Kingdom born in 1814
BulletDescendants of Johann Adam WEISHAUPT - from Malsch and Stupferich born about 1650 settled in Western New York

BulletFold 3 - Fold3 Civil War (John Cram) and WW I (George Long) War Service Memorials

BulletFind A Grave - Casper Jacob Weishaupt Find A Grave memorial

BulletFind A Grave - Carl Friedrich Adolph Belz Find A Grave memorial

BulletFind A Grave - Dick and June Weishaupt Find A Grave memorial

BulletHistory and Information and Map - Baden and Württemberg
BulletTown of Malsch - Malsch official town homepage
BulletTown of Malsch - Malsch historical society homepage
BulletTown of Malsch - Malsch history
BulletTown of Malsch - Malsch history and picture by Dr. Louis Maier
BulletTown of Stupferich - Stupferich map
BulletThe Black Forest - Karlsruhe district
BulletBaden family villages - Malsch and the surrounding villages

The families; Treiber/Herbel/Guckert and Morse/Mabrumati/Hogans/Bowden/Halsey/Winans/Ogden

BulletDescendants of Robert HALSEY - from England born about 1552
BulletDescendants of Samuel HERBEL - from Sandhofen Germany born 1876
BulletDescendants of Lewis Zachariah HOGANS - from Nassau Co area, Spanish Florida born 1795
BulletDescendants of Antonio MABRUMATI - from Mania Greece born 1725
BulletDescendants of Anthony MORSE - from England born about 1578
BulletDescendants of John OGDEN - from England born 1609
BulletDescendants of Robert PLUMMER - from Pennsylvania born 1703
BulletDescendants of Vetter Fritz TREIBER - from Scharhof Germany born 1876

BulletWikipedia - Abraham Clark Sr. Esq., signer of the Declaration of Independence

BulletFind A Grave - Fleet Admiral, USN, William Frederick "Bull" Halsey memorial

BulletJacksonville History and Walking Tour of Jacksonville - Lewis Zachariah Hogans, Jacksonville's first settler

BulletFind A Grave - Captain Amos Morse Jr. memorial

BulletFind A Grave - Irene Morse memorial

BulletWikipedia - New Jersey Governor Aaron Ogden biography

BulletWikipedia - General Matthias Ogden biography

BulletFind A Grave - Robert Ogden I memorial; his grave marker with a musket ball hole

BulletPort Ciutadella de Menorca - The home of Francisca Llebres.
BulletThe Mani Peninsula of the central Peloponnese in Greece and Mani Guide and History - The home of Anastacio Mabrumati.

The families; Allenza/Leone/Raimondo and Fote/Malfa and Battaglia/Arena

BulletDescendants of Serafino ALLENZA - from Italy born about 1868
BulletDescendants of Salvadore ARENA - from Italy born about 1777
BulletDescendants of Michelangelo FOTE - from Messina, Sicily, Italy born 1873
BulletDescendants of Concetta "Mary" LEONE (Saia) - from Valledolmo, Scily, Italy born 1849
BulletDecendants of Giuseppe MALFA - born about 1850 in Sicily, Italy
BulletDescendants of Rosario RAIMONDO - from Scily, Italy born about 1850

BulletFind A Grave - Orazio Allenza Find A Grave memorial

BulletFind A Grave - Philip and Mary Leone Find A Grave memorial

BulletFind A Grave - Leone Matriarch Mary Concetta Find A Grave memorial

BulletItalian Heritage - Valledolmo, Sicily
Bulletphotos - Valledolmo, Sicily

The families; Lyman(Gensamer)/Ellinger, Gardner/Boon/Braden/Millikin and Riddle

BulletDescendants of the Kings of England and France - Ancestry of the Thomas Gardner family descending from Hugh CARPET King of France born 941 in Paris France
BulletAncestry of George Washington - first president of the US born 1732 in Virginia, British America
BulletAncestry of Thomas Gardner - from Dorset Co. England born about 1592 family settled in Salem Mass.
BulletAncestry of the Riddle family - from Cleveland, Ohio

BulletDescendants of Thomas BOON - from Ireland born 1787
BulletDescendants of Andrew W. BRADEN - from Co Fermanagh Ireland born about 1756 settled in NE Ohio
BulletDescendants of John CRAM - from Alford England born about 1537 settled in NW PA
BulletDescendants of William DUFFIELD - from Co Down Ireland born about 1715 settled in NW PA
BulletDescendants of John ELLINGER - from Pennsylvania born 1812
BulletDescendants of THOMAS GARDNER - born 1360 in Lancastershire, England
BulletDescendants of John GENSAMER - from Pennsylvania born about 1760
BulletDescendants of Nicholas HOLT - from England born 1602
BulletDescendants of Isaac LYMAN - born 1681 Northampton, Massachusetts Bay, British America
BulletDescendants of Thomas MILLIKIN - from Co Leitrim Ireland born 1816 settled in Ohio
BulletDescendants of Matthew MILLER - from Ireland born 1732
BulletDescendants of John PICKERING I - from England born 1615
BulletDescendants of Richard PUTNAM - born about 1490 in Bucks, England
BulletDescendants of Johann Heinrich RISHEL - born about 1688 in Germany
BulletDescendants of Sgt. John TIDD - from England born 1589

BulletFold 3 - Fold3 Civil War and WW I War Service Memorials

BulletWikiTree - John Cram family on WikiTree

BulletFind A Grave - Thomas Gardner Find A Grave memorial

BulletFind A Grave - Ephraim Miller Braden Find A Grave memorial

BulletWikipedia - Hon. Nathaniel Gorham, 23nd signer of the Constitution of the United States

BulletNorthern Ireland - An Ireland information website
BulletCounty Down - A County Down information website
BulletCounty Fermanagh - A County Fermanagh information website

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